EUROFINS GENOMA is a private molecular genetics laboratory, one of the world's largest, fully integrated, specialized provider of genetics services, internationally renowned for its leadership in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) diagnosis and for its pioneering work in infertility and genetics

EUROFINS GENOMA was founded on several core insights that created the model for molecular genetics centre across the country and around the world. EUROFINS GENOMA also conceived providing genetic services specifically for infertility treatment, an integration which improves quality of care and efficiency.

Widely respected for its excellence, innovation and deep scientific base, EUROFINS GENOMA is the center of choice for groundbreaking genetic services worldwide. Our staff includes leaders in the fields of infertility, embryology and medical and molecular genetics. Our experience and depth of knowledge in the fields of IVF and PGD, allow us to provide the highest level of accuracy and success to our patients. Our physicians and scientists are internationally recognized experts in their respective fields.

EUROFINS GENOMA as well conducts research to evaluate and continually improve the clinical application of PGD and to develop new tests and genetic therapies to benefit a wider variety of patients in the near future. We have a uniquely strong commitment to research and we are at the forefront of genetic diagnosis and testing.

Today EUROFINS GENOMA is the leader for combining infertility treatment and genetics for the delivery of important, pioneering, high quality medical treatment and patient care. EUROFINS GENOMA continues to be an organization not only where outstanding medical care is offered, but also one firmly dedicated to expanding its well-deserved reputation as a center where scientific knowledge and innovation are created and highly valued, and where the latest reproductive and genetic innovations are transformed from theory into everyday practice.