GENOMA provides PGD analysis to IVF centers, including PGD of aneuploidy for advanced maternal age (such as Down syndrome), repeated IVF failure, recurrent spontaneous abortions, chromosome translocations and inversions, as well as PGD for single gene defects (such as Cystic fibrosis, ß-Thalasaemia), PGD for HLA matching, PGD for late on-set disorders (such us Huntinghton) PGD for inherited predisposition to cancer (such us Retinoblastoma, Neurofibromatosis, Li-Fraumeni syndrome) and many other genetic conditions.

We also provide embryologist that can perform embryo biopsy and cell processing.
Patients interested in PGD services can contact an IVF center for which we provide services or directly contact our genetic counselor for an in depth discussion of your case.

How we work

GENOMA accepts PGD cases from any IVF clinic around the world. Following biopsy on day 3 of embryo growth, one or two cells are removed. Individual blastomeres are then placed inside a test tube for PCR testing or spread on slides in preparation for FISH testing, and shipped to our Center for analysis. We use a special courier service, available for all European countries, able to deliver cells within 3-6 h from their shipment.

We accept samples throughout the year, and we can complete the diagnosis within 6-8 hours from receipt in the laboratory, for aneuploidy screening or translocation, or approximately within 24 hours for single gene disorders. Other applications, e.g. preimplantation HLA matching might require over 24h to achieve the results, that will be available certainly in time for a day-4 or day 5 transfer.